Surface Mounted Vertical Rod Exit Device – 5930S/F

No. 5930S Panic SVR Exit Device

No. 5930F Fire Rated SVR Exit Device

Surface Mounted Vertical Rod Exit Device  
- ANSI Grade 1, Fire Exit Hardware

No. 5930S  Panic SVR Exit Device

No. 5930F  Fire Rated SVR Exit Device


  • The 59 Series Exit Devices meet the demand for superior emergency hardware.
  • These durable devices are designed to meet the need of modern Touch Bar Styling for heavy traffic applications by eliminating the need for lever arms and cross bars.


  • SVR type device is for use on single or double outwardly swinging doors.
  • Fire rated device should be used on double egress or single swinging fire doors with a maximum swinging door pairs with a maximum 8 ft. by 8 ft door opening.


  • It fits for 1-3/4”(44.5mm) thick standard LHR/RHR hollow metal and wood doors
  • 3/4” (19mm) throw latch bolt
  • Hex Key Dogging is standard
  • Materia: Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Finishes : US28, US20A, US32D


  • ANSI A156.3- 2014 Grade 1
  • UL 305 Standard for the Panic Exit Hardware
  • UL 10C Standard for the Fire Rated Exit Hardware

Device Length

  • Short 32-11/16” (830mm)
  • Long 44-23/32” (1136mm)
  • For 36” and 48” wide door use
  • Standard vertical rod device accommodates 7’ panic exit doors or 8’ fire rated exit doors