Device Outside Trims – Round Rose Levers

Model 53K Series  

Device Outside Trims - Round Rose Levers

Model 53K Series

Model No. 53K01A, 53K01B, 53K01C, 53K01D


  • Non-handed, easily install & Aniti-Vandalism design
  • For Rim & Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices use
  • Trim has two through-bolts to the device chassis directly for more security and durability.
  • Cylinder is not furnished standard. Specify when order.
  • When need to meet the key requirement, the trims may receive cylinders from other manufacturers.

Model No. & Function


  • Escutcheon Material: Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Lever Handle Material: Zinc alloy
  • Finishes: US3, US20A, US28, US32D


Dimension & How to order
  • Rose diameter: 3 1/16”(78mm),
  • Lever length:  4 3/4” (121mm)
  • Projection:  3” (76mm)

To inquire or order for 53K series trims, please specify as following.

Function code:

A: Classroom          B: Passage          C: Storeroom         D: Dummy